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WhyKey is the PKI solution that more than 10 years' PKI technology knowhow is integrated. We provide the development and consulting service of various PKI application solutions based on PKI technology of many years.


  • CMVP(Cryptographic Module Validation Program) module development for National Intelligence Service
  • Electronic signature and encryption for PC and mobile environment
  • Electronic signature and encryption for embedded environment
  • Public certification technology for USIM
  • Non-ActiveX electronic signature technology
  • PKI based certification system solutions development and consulting(e.g. e-passport)


WhyThings is the IoT security solution that provides authentication and security for the things using PKI. We have been researching various security technologies that PKI application technology is applied to make the safe environment of IoT service for hyperconnected era.


  • Development of device PKI solution
  • Development of cryptography and authentication technology for smart grid and smart home
  • Development of security technology for open source hardware
  • Possession of IoT security technologies(e.g. KISA device certification system, smart grid security for Jeju, security for autonomous vehicle)


WhyForensics provides the digital forensic technology development, investigation and analysis service that identify electronic information to be regarded as a valuable evidence and make it to be an evidence at the court. We can make it possible because we have many experiences in cyber and digital forensic investigation at academic circles and national policy agency cyber terror response center.


  • Forensic type : disk forensic, mobile forensic, database forensic, network forensic, system forensic
  • Investigation for corporate trade secret infringement and an act of leaking corporate secrets
  • Corporate information protection and security consulting
  • e-Discovery hosting service



It provides online, 020, IoT, fintech companies to user authentication and transaction confirmation service using biometrics, smartphone and wearable devices.
It supports that the companies using Ydentity service can easily adapt bioauthentication to their service and business with various biometric solution and wearable device partners.



Company introduction

Whykeykey Inc. is established by PKI, IoT security experts to suggest the new security paradigm of hyperconnected era when everything(human, thing, space, data, etc) is connected.

PKI based authentication and security solution development
Security research for hyperconnected era when everything is connected

We should be a global leader of PKI application solution/service/platform.


[Year 2016]
Oct, 2016 : Contract with KICA Inc. for multi OS version development of public certificate solution
Jul, 2016 : Contract with KFTC for FIDO part development of bioinformation distributed management system project
Jan, 2016 : Contract with KICA Inc. for overseas e-procurement solution development
[Year 2015]
Dec, 2015 : Contract with KOSCOM Inc. for maintenance of smartphone cryptography and authentication solution
Nov, 2015 : Development of crypto module verification and test certification for NIS
Sep, 2015 : Whykeykey Inc. was established


WhyKey : KICA Inc., KOSCOM Inc.
WhyThings : KICA Inc.
Security consulting : security solution companies


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Tel. +82-2-576-4746
Fax. +82-2-578-4745